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Postpartum Doula Services

The postpartum period should be regarded as just as important as pregnancy, labor, and birth. Those who have just given birth need the ability to get plenty of restorative rest, non-judgmental emotional support, practical support, and nourishment. It is my goal to provide you with an extra set of hands, an open heart, and shared knowledge so that you are able to focus on resting, recovering, and cherishing these first weeks with your newborn.


Postpartum support is unique for each family and the packages offered are simply a starting point. We are happy to customize a package to fit your specific needs. Contact me to discuss what may be right for your family!

It is easy to add postpartum support services to your baby registry so family and friends can contribute to making this period of time exactly what you want it to be!

Services that I personally do not provide are: Medical services of any kind, heavy cleaning (deep cleaning bathrooms, whole house vacuuming/sweeping/mopping, dusting, window washing, etc.), yard care, cleaning up after or walking pets,  and Sleep training ("Cry It Out").

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