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My Journey

When I became a mother, I walked the journey without a “village.” I had recently moved to a new state and had not yet developed a circle of support. Even though I felt a sense of joy and purpose in my new role, I also felt alone in a lot of those moments.  I wished I had someone more experienced walking beside me to offer me encouragement and answer all those questions that pop up in those first few months, and to also help me learn to trust my intuition. 


When I had my second baby, I had developed much more confidence in myself, but quickly learned that what worked with my first baby, didn’t necessarily apply with this new little bundle! Family came to help in the first week which was so beneficial, but then came the time to juggle an exclusively breastfed, high needs baby (needing constant physical contact or else she would quickly climb into hysterical, inconsolable crying) with my older child and her needs.


Things became a daily balancing act as I tried to ensure my older child got the one on one time she still needed with mama, get the household tasks done, and even basic self care like taking a shower!


Having a postpartum doula in those days would have made the whole experience of bringing this new little person into the family not only a more manageable experience, but an enjoyable one, and would have helped me get the adequate rest that is needed to recover from birth in the fourth trimester!



*Postpartum Doula Training

*Lactation for Doulas

DONA International is a non-profit organization that provides extensive doula training and certification. They are the world's first doula certifying program and their programs are designed to prepare doulas to support families during the postpartum period and assist with infant feeding. The program includes comprehensive training on topics such as the postpartum recovery process, newborn care, emotional support, communication skills, and lactation education. 

*Infant CPR/AED/First Aid Certification through the American Heart Association

Infant CPR/AED/First Aid Certification through American Heart Association

March 2023

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